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10 Things You Should Know While Estimating the Cost of a Commercial Demolition Project

Are you planning to get residential, commercial or industrial demolition work done? If yes, you may be wondering what the entire project might cost you.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here we explore 10 key things that affect how much your demolition services will cost you.

1. You’ll need to get permits from the local authorities before you begin residential or commercial demolition

  • Before demolishing any buildings, your residential, commercial and industrial demolition contractors will need to get permission from the local municipality. They will need to get the required permits and licenses for not only the demolition but also for the different types of pollution the project will cause.
  • Usually, these permits and licenses can cost upwards of $200 and might even reach around $10,000 in some instances.

2. The building demolition costs change depending on where your property is geographically located

  • Did you know that the state/city/neighborhood your building is in, determines the cost of the demolition? Both the East and West Coasts in the US are known for their higher demolition charges, while the South and the Midwest are less expensive. Since Ohio is in the Midwest region, your demolition expenses will be lesser than those of people living in other states.
  • Even within states, cities and zones have differential pricing, because not everyone supports building demolition. You’ll need to check with your building demolition contractors to find out what the rates are in your locality.

3. Residential and industrial demolition contractors will charge depending on your building’s shape, size and condition

  • All demolition projects are charged by the square footage. If your building has a traditional square or rectangular layout, then it will be straightforward for the contractor to calculate your square footage demolition cost. The challenge arises when your building is uniquely shaped.
  • Secondly, the condition of the foundation will also determine whether the demolition estimate will be high or low. The building demolition contractors will need to exercise greater caution and implement more safety procedures than usual if the foundation isn’t as sturdy as required.

4. Materials used in construction & presence of hazardous substances can increase the demolition cost estimate

  • Residential, industrial and commercial demolition estimates all depend on the materials used in the building’s construction. This is mainly because the amount of manual labor and the type of equipment needed to break down the materials will change depending on what material is used.
  • Metal constructions are the easiest to demolish because of their simple construction process and easy disposal afterwards. But wood and brick construction buildings, while not particularly difficult to demolish, pose certain challenges when disposing of the debris. You may need to pay more if your building has more wood or brick in the skeleton.
  • Additionally, contractors will do a comprehensive survey of the building to find out if there is any asbestos in the construction. If asbestos is detected, then the cost of demolition will increase significantly, because proper asbestos abatement processes will need to be implemented to remove the hazardous substance. This is true of any hazardous material or chemical that is found in the building.

5. Industrial and home demolition costs don’t include work on the building’s foundations

  • When we speak of demolition services, we refer to the razing down of a building to ground level. But industrial, commercial and residential demolition will seldom, if ever, include destroying the foundation. However, if you do want to completely get rid of the foundation too, you will need to speak with your contractor and add the office, factory or house demolition cost separately to your bill.

6. Not every demolition contractor offers debris disposal services

  • Demolition work doesn’t finish with the building being brought down. You’ll still need to responsibly dispose of the debris that will be left behind after the demolition.
  • Some building demolition contractors will offer disposal services and include this expense in your estimate. But there are companies that don’t include disposal services in your overall estimate. Either you’ll need to have them add this in separately or hire a disposal services provider yourself.
  • If you choose to do the latter, it can increase your expenses if you’re not sure how best to pack and transport different materials. For example, wood and brick structures can be more difficult to pack compactly after demolition because they’re often not sorted through to remove reusable debris. The entire debris is considered construction debris and will need to be carted off for disposal. This is why they sometimes cost more to dispose of.

7. Home and commercial demolition contractors will typically take any recyclable & reusable materials they find

  • Continuing with the previous point, you need to remember that demolition contractors will take away and recycle any materials that they can.
  • You’ll find that much of the debris in metal construction includes pipes and parts which can be easily taken apart and reused elsewhere. If they can’t use the part as it is, the contractor may choose to reshape the metal fixtures and use them in other projects. This helps you in two ways. Your contractor may choose to reduce some of your demolition costs because they’re getting these usable materials in return. Second, it also makes it easier to pack the leftover material compactly and dispose of it at a lower cost, since the load is light.
  • Where possible, wooden beams may be recycled as well, because of their decomposable nature. The problem comes with brick, because these days, not many recycling plants are willing to take brick debris. In these cases, your demolition costs may continue to hike up because the load to be disposed-off will still be high.
  • If the contractor doesn’t recycle or reuse debris, you can choose to do so yourself. You can use reusable items for your next construction or donate them to a charitable cause. This will reduce your load for disposal.

8. The demolition contractor’s OSHA compliance history will also influence your costs

  • In the United States, all companies working in the construction industry are expected to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. The degree of compliance (i.e., the sophistication of technology, the protocols, the legacy of safe outcomes etc.) all determine the quality of work you receive. So, residential, industrial and commercial demolition contractors can charge a higher fee because of the premium safety compliance they offer.

9. The demolition project can be customized to suit your budget

  • Many clients believe that when they seek demolition services, they must agree to purchase the entire list of services a contractor offers. But that’s not the case. If you really want to work with a specific contractor, but can’t afford the cost of the entire suite of demolition services, you can customize the service offered. For example, you can discuss with your contractor to identify a few tasks – such as debris recycling and disposal – that you can do yourself. That way, your demolition costs won’t rake up. Plus, a reputable contractor will direct you to the right third-party service providers, who can do great work, at low costs.

10. You can get a no-obligation, free estimate from your building demolition contractors

  • So far, we’ve been discussing all the elements that affect your demolition costs. But did you know that you don’t have to calculate these costs yourself using some online commercial demolition cost calculator? You can actually have a qualified demolition contractor come to your property for an inspection, where they will offer a no-obligation, free estimate. Most companies offer this service and you can avail of it whenever you want.

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